why dance ?

    “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

(1844 – 1900)  

A German philosopher, poet, composer, and cultural critic. He wrote critical essays and books on religion, morality,culture, philosophy, and science.

Eternity is dancing on eternity like football …..

our body is leather cover of time


our guru and guide


which we will be able to form a mirror inside to know

our true nature

which is timelessness ….. eternity .

mirror is togetherness of two opposites …… like transparent glass and non transparent silver ….. yoga is a science to bring together our timeless transparent soul and time body non transparent ……

and there are several methods to bring these duality together ……

like a dance form ….. which is witnessing action and non action together


dance or dancer becoming one …..

this oneness is music of life ……


Indian Greeting salutations NAMASTE  

also is bringing left and right hand together …..

which is uniting feminine and masculine parts of body together 

gratitude is a prayer of divine


an art to bring timelessness  in art forms ……

many time people inquire …..

why Indian art not signed ?……

great artist never thought their performance belongs to them …..

they always considered it as grace of God …….

gratitude and Namaste are art to say the divine ……

thank you Lord .

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