Boundary line to music.

Music is basically melody, harmony, and rhythm. But people can do much more with music than that. It can be very descriptive in all kinds of ways, all walks of life. — Charlie Parker

They teach you there’s a ” Boundary line to Music “

But, man,

there’s ” No Boundary Line to Art “. — Charlie Parker

STF/AFP/Getty Images

Charlie Parker . A Songwriter, Saxophonist (1920–1955) was a legendary jazz saxophonist winning 17TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARD for BEST JAZZ PERFORMANCE BY A SOLOIST for ” First Recordings! “

In his 34 years on Earth, Charlie “Yardbird” Parker made such an impact on 20th-century music—from its composition and improvisation to its purest performance—that we’re still feeling his vibrations today.

“Night In Tunisia” Words fail, to tell a tale , Too exotic to be told ,Each night’s a deeper night , In a world, ages old

Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. In the early 1950s, Charlie Parker made his home in Alphabet City; the neighborhood hasn’t forgotten him. The block Bird lived on was renamed Charlie Parker Place in 1992, and the next year 1993 ,the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival made its debut right across the street in Tompkins Square Park.

Love all His Music .

ram H singhal .

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