Dr. Prabha Atre


Internationally renowned Hindustani classical vocalist Dr. Prabha Atre is perhaps the only performer who has also excelled as a brilliant thinker, academician, author, composer and teacher of music.  She is the senior most front ranking vocalist in the country representing the Kirana gharaanaa, today. A Science and Law graduate, she also holds a Doctorate in music.  Dr. Prabha Atre has a rare blend of skill and insight. She has displayed constant innovation and creative endeavour which has distinguished her from other vocalists, both in the classical and light classical idioms.  She is working as a committee member for several social, educational and cultural institutions.  

Dr. Prabha Atre has been honoured with the National Awards – ‘PADMASHREE’,‘PADMABHUSHAN’, ‘KALIDAS SAMMAN’, ‘SANGEET NATAK AKADEMI’ Award and‘TAGORE AKADEMI RATNA’ in recognition of her exceptional creativity, highest artistic excellence, outstanding achievement and distinguished life time services in the field of classical vocal music. 

Dr. Atre has authored academic books on the various aspects of music that are especially relevant to the present day performance. Dr. Atre’s popular compositions in classical, light classical music and bhajans. Her books in English‘Enlightening the Listener’ – Contemporary North Indian Classical Vocal Music Performance’ and ‘Along the Path of Music’ have helped the global music lovers to understand and appreciate the Indian art music objectively.

Dr. Prabha Atre was trained in the traditional `guru-shishya paramparaa‘ system by the late Sureshbabu Mane and his famous sister, Padmabhushan Hirabai Badodekar, both stalwarts of the Kirana gharaanaa and drew much inspiration from the styles of renowned maestros, Amir Khan and Bade Gulam Ali Khan. 

Dr. Atre is an acclaimed guru both in performance and research. Quite a few of her students are well known stage and mass media performers. Dr. Atre has also been teaching at foreign universities as a visiting professor. Her public concerts, radio and TV programmes and lec-dems in India and abroad to audiences of varying tastes have always been highly appreciated.

‘Dr. Prabha Atre Foundation’ set up by Dr. Atre aims to promote the cause of Indian classical music and performing arts.  She has also established ‘Swaramayee Gurukul’which strives to bridge the prevailing gap between the academic institutions and the traditional guru-shishya paramparaa and plans to nurture talented students into professionals who aspire to take music as a career.

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